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MP3 Technology

In this era, of digitization, virtually all aspects of the human life have gone digital. From bank accounts to bill payments, all have things material have been conveniently replicated on silicon. Similarly, the old records have also given away to compact discs and other forms of digital media. With people coming up with better and better standards of digital storage compression techniques, the digital media are poised to be stored in more compact file formats. So far a universal standard in the modern world has been the MP3 format.

Songs.PK Site

Internet makes sure that all the digital media are easily accessible. This is where popular sites like come into the picture. has seen a near meteoric rise in its popularity as a mp3 downloading domain online. The number of “netizens” using the site has been increasing steadily over the years. While the free mp3 download capabilities of the site seems to be the primary reason behind it, most people feel that this is actually due to its lightning fast updating of its databases with respect to the latest Bollywood movie songs. No sooner, is a Bollywood music album released, than its songs are already uploaded in the mp3 format at this site. This means that millions of Indian subcontinent people across the world who want to catch the latest songs in the mp3 format on the Internet end up getting the latest and hottest mp3s from the Songs.PK.

What about Piracy?

Though mostly good, Internet has also given rise to one of its biggest black by-products in the recent years – online music piracy. Apart from being unethical it is also an unlawful practice in most countries to download free music online. Hence, in the light of music piracy, it is best noted that people should be prohibited from the usage of Songs.PK and other such sites as its usage can entail legal ramifications.

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