Songs.PK and other MP3 based sites to be banned

Piracy is an issue that has ruined the internet from time to time. is a well-known Pakistani website that illegally distributes Bollywood Music for free on the Internet. Everyday millions and millions of MP3 tracks are downloaded from their website that cost media companies a great loss. In order to eradicate piracy in India, a petition was passed by the Indian Music industry consisting of 142 music companies in the Calcutta high court.

The Indian Music Industry therefore claims to have orders from Calcutta High Court for blocking 104 Music Sites. Following the petition passed on 27th January and 6th February by the bodies of Indian Music Industry namely music label Sagarika Music Private Limited, Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) and IMI (Indian Music Industry), access to, the popular music sharing site has been banned in India. It is reported that the court has passed an injunction order to all ISPs to restrict access to these websites either by blocking the IP addresses or the domain names or by using the method i.e. DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) based URL blocking.

As the orders passed by the HC didn’t mention any particular website, the court ordered the ISPs to provide the website owners or their operators address. It also states that only that website that is mentioned in the petition should be banned. This case will definitely set precedence against music sites that are pirated.

UPDATE: has been relaunched as with new URL after it was banned by the Calcutta High Court.

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