Songs.PK Legal or Illegal?

The legality of the popular songs download site – Songs.PK

The 21st century has witnessed the rise of the greatest invention of mankind till date. It is of course the Internet. The World Wide Web, or Internet, is a vast realm of digital space where anything seems to be virtually possible. While there are many positive uses of Internet like mailing people, staying in touch, video calls, news, online banking, etc, there are also many evils. Just like any other creation of science, it is actually up to the user to determine the judiciousness of the usage of Internet. One of the most notorious ill effects of the Internet has of course been the music piracy. Now, many of you people wonder that, is Songs.PK site legal? We download all mp3 songs from that site but is it actually legal to do so? See answer below.

Online Music piracy has risen up to shocking levels in the recent times. In absolute terms music piracy is nothing but the unauthorized copy and distribution of any piece of songs without prior consent or approval from any of the creators or copyright holders of that song. It can thus be looked upon as a special subset of copyright infringement. This is clearly unlawful in several countries around the world. is one such site which is tremendously popular in Hindi songs downloads but is infamous for its digital music piracy. actually allows totally free download of music online, which is in itself an infringement of original copyright music. Thus, it is participating in an illegal activity online. Because of its popularity of the free music that it provides for the newest Hindi movies, it has easily come under the scanner for piracy. There are several lawsuits and piracy cases against the site albeit it is still topping the popularity charts for Bollywood song downloads. Hence, patrons should be aware of the fact, that downloading free music online is illegal, and the usage of such sites is unethical.


  1. aman says:

    any free downloadin of music is illegal is just an example

  2. kunal dodiya says:

    All that website that provide free songs download without Copyright from such music banners are illegal .. only provide copyright songs that it purchased all music copyright from the owner of that music album or movie songs. So if u find copyright page “404 not found”, “Under construction” or violating attack of any Privacy of Copyright.
    Please, Don’t harm the Music industries by downloading music from such sites.. better u can buy an original DVDs from nearer store.

  3. Shashi says:

    If the music companies reduce the prices of audio CDs, piracy can be stopped. Because people will then like to buy original CDs. And piracy will be stopped automatically

  4. swati says:

    Another site could be….has loads of songs to download

  5. Filmyboy says:

    Well, yes, is illegal and contains viruses with songs which might harm the users computers. There, I have found a new website, which provide clean downloads of songs and also contains lots of useful info about the movies.

  6. Amar says:

    if is illegal site than why so many indian companies giving advertisement on that site.

  7. mam says:

    these site are simly sharing music for free..there is a huge difference in sharing & piracy .piracy mean if someone is selling the music ahead & making money out of it.the users at home dont make money out of it.they simply listen to it..
    .free music rocks..

  8. Shivam says:

    What about safety. Even if is not legal, but still is it safe to download from or site has viruses and spyware?

  9. rahman says:

    if it is illegal to download from, then pls tell another free site to do so

  10. Rajiv says:

    Well, might be illegal but still it gives free download and now a days everyone is downloading free songs so why pay Rs. 160+ for every album.

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