Armaan back in Dill Mill Gayye

The main lead ‘Dr. Armaan Malik‘ which was the most popular character in Dill Mill Gayye and was surely responsible for popularity of this serial is now back. Everyone knows that DMG popularity and audience fell after Armaan was gone. Now, according to a latest promo (aired 16th March 2010), he is coming back to the show and finding Ridhima who has been married to Sid. Lets see how things go now, and maybe Dill Mill Gayye gets some of its lost popularity back. Here is the promo-


  1. Mansi says:

    hey hi every1 m a big fan off dmg but u guys r making a great mess of it.I m very happy that u brought armaan back after that only i started watching it again. but ridhimma and siddhant cant make a perfect match she looks older than sid and infact she is. i wonder how u ppl can do this. the main person due to whom the serial is at a great hike is armaan n u r nt giving him the lead role.i just wanted to say tht if ridhimma n armaan r nt 2gether then this is also going to be a boring daily soap n no1 is gonna watch it so let the best ppl make the best couple. best wishes 2 u n star one.

  2. masum says:

    ijust glad to see armaan back in DMG & hope that AR & RDHIZ’ll toghether soon i love this show v. much its rocks……………………………

  3. MALINI says:


  4. hiba says:

    good now dmg looks better

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