Damini, Avni, Roshni Background Tunes

The central female characters of the story of Love ne Mila Di Jodi are – Damini, Avni, and Roshni. In the start episodes, i.e. the introsuction part of the program a unique tune was played for each character. Find info about it below-

Damini is an insecure girl, but outwardly strong person who is the sole supporting pillar of her family. She thinks she knows it all and her arrogance is quite distinct. In spite of her shortcomings, she is fiercely protective of her family and fulfills all possible roles in the family – as a son, and as a brother to her siblings. Unfortunately, she is married to a guy who doesn’t really love her and she feels the lack of a strong paternal figure in her life. The background tune for Damini was played on 23rd June episode when she was with the horse. To know more about the tune and downloads please visit Here.

Avni is a homely, humble girl, the perfect homemaker. She doesn’t believe herself to be pretty at all and though she believes she will find her price charming one day, she doesn’t see it happening with any of her guy friends as they are just “friends”. The background tune for Avni was played on 23rd June episode when she was in the garden and brown autumn leaves falling all over. To know more about the tune and downloads please visit Here.

Roshni is a old world, orthodox girl who keeps waiting for her Prince Charming to arrive but hasn’t really found such a person till now. She keeps finding all the boys she doesn’t want to be with. Varun doesn’t give her any special attention, much to her surprise as she is always getting attention from guys. The background tune for Roshni was played on 23rd June episode when she just woke up to start her day. To know more about the tune and downloads please visit Here.


  1. DR.JAYESH says:

    this is most ultimate seriol

    parinit chauhan is very cute and beautiful
    i appretiate the hardwork of LNMDJ team

  2. adab says:

    i love avni very much so i love her tune

  3. sunny sialkoti says:

    I love Avni

  4. kashish sharma says:

    I love the title song.

  5. kashish sharma says:

    I am Kashish.
    I love this serial.My favourite is Praneet Chauhan. (Avni)
    Avni you are very cute and I like your voice too. I love your tune.
    You act very well. Keep it up. I will always watch this show because its the best. This is the only serial I watch. I want
    to know about the zodiac signs of the characters in real.
    Keep up the hard work.

  6. frann says:

    Love this show very much… thanks…

  7. sana says:

    I love love ne mila di jodi.

  8. Afreen Bhumgara says:

    I love this tunes.Good u’ll have given these tunes.Damini’s tune is super coooooooooooooool!

  9. vicky lohana says:

    the ringtones are best that you have added.
    specially damini’s tune

  10. vicky lohana says:

    hi this is vicky:
    i m from pakistan.
    N i love this show very much keep entertain us by such darma’s.
    i love roshani’s character in the drama n’ i called her angel

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