Shilpa Anand back in Dill Mill Gayye

*** A good news for all the fans of Shilpa Anand ***

Shilpa Anand who was seen as the first Ridhima in Dill Mill Gayye will be back in the show in a few days. When she left the TRPs of the show fell badly and most of the fans of Dill Mill Gayye wanted Shilpa back. Now it is happening, Shilpa Anand will be seen again this show in a character that is currently undisclosed. It seems as Star One is trying to popularize this show again and increase the TRPs of the show which has fell badly these days because there is no good storyline.

By Some Source-

“Shilpa Anand who played the beautiful Riddhima in Armaan’s life, on popular demand, will be seen on the show once again starting 14th June. Shilpa Anand gained immense popularity in the television industry when she started playing Dr. Riddhima Gupta in Dill Mill Gayye, an intern in Sanjeevani where she chanced upon Dr. Armaan who was another intern just like her in the hospital. But this time Shilpa won’t be Dr. Riddhima but will essay a parallel lead character and Jennifer will continue essaying the character of Dr. Riddhima”

“Shilpa and Armaan (Karan Singh Grover) were the most popular onscreen couple at that time. She was at the pinnacle of success when she decided to move on, leaving thousands of heartbroken fans behind her. But now with her entry will get her paired with either Dr. Armaan or Dr. Siddhant.”

So lets wait and see what will be her new role. But it seems that the romance and comedy will soon be back in DMG.


  1. Shaxy says:

    Ending DMG is not the solution, but Karan and Shilpa can be together again which will definately increase TRPs of the show. and also creatives can change their story when Ridhima knows that her younger sister is Shilpa and she also loves Armaan and she can go to bring sid back to her life and aim to bring Armaan and Shilpa(her sister) together.Because Shilpa have all the good qualities and most importantly fans love them together. In addition they can also show Dr.Atul’s return to the show and try to be comfortable with Dr.Angali.So creative heads,CVs hope you will change your minds about ending the show and bring back good and funny flavours for the show again. I’m quite sure that if you start to advertise this show like before with lots of fun and a new storyline, your TRPs will be high day by day and it will bring back all the viwers who had stopped watching the show for poor story.

    “Because these are the comments (story and other things included) from more than 30000 fans of DMG all over the world. I met them from facebook,mig33, and some other chating sourses.” please think about this. It’s about a lot of demands,

  2. Fairy says:


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