Splitsvilla finale leaked

The season finale of Splitsvilla has been leaked on the internet, Youtube, to be more specific. The leak took place about four days ago and the footage has hints at who the winner is.

The video consists of a small footage which shows the boxing match between the two finalists – Siddharth Bhardawaj and Mohit Malhotra. The video then continues to show Mohit getting knocked out and is being taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

If reports are to be believed it is said that HT City in fact knows who the winner is and has not at all been discreet about it. According to them, Siddharth Bhardawaj is the winner of this season of Splitsvilla. Also, a source close to the show has revealed that Sakshi Pradhan is the winner of the two female finalists.

More interestingly, sources further go on to reveal that the channel may do some damage control and may even reconsider airing the show tonight.

While some are excited at the prospect of finding out the winner before its time, other Splitsvilla fans are in an outrage. They are saying that now that the video is leaked and everyone knows who the winner is, there is really no point in watching the season finale, an episode they had been waiting for from day one.

But some fans had something different to say. They believe that the channel itself is behind all the leaking and they are doing it just to get more viewership and that there might be a twist in the story.

The video on Youtube has got 12,000 hits already and is increasing by the minute. It is also speculated that the leak will not hurt the TRP and the audience will watch the last episode regardless if they know who the winner is.

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