3 Idiots Video Songs and Trailer

3 Idiots, starring Aamir Khan and releasing on 25th Dec 09 is expected to be on of the big hits of the year 2009. Have a look at the Official Trailer of 3 Idiots in High Quality and HD Trailer of 3 Idiots. Like all Aamir’s movies, trailer looks promising and looking forward to movie. Trailer shows Aamir in new look as college student and he had to lose all muscle that he made in Ghajini for perfect look. Check out the trailer below.

All izz Well Video Song

Watch the promo of the latest song ‘All izz well’ music given by Shantanu Moitra, in high quality and HD. The promo contains 1 min and 07 sec of the song. The video shows many interesting scenes from the film.

Zoobie Doobie Video Song

Zoobie Doobie is another amazing song from 3 Idiots. Kareena and Aamir are shown in this music video where Kareena is day dreaming about him in her home while watching TV.

Click on the video to open the song ‘zoobi doobi’ in new window

Give me some sunshine

Song is like ‘Saari Umar Hum, Mar Mar Ke Jee Liye….’ and features a few scenes of the movie whee students are burdened and depressed with studies. The students shown are from engineering college who have to study a lot and are not taken care of much.
Watch it below in very High quality equivalent to HD Video.

Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh Song

It is very nice song with beautiful music. The song has been shot in hill stations of Himachal Pradesh with awesome scenery. It comes at the start of the film when Rancho’s friends are going to find him. Watch the full video song Behti Hawa Sa Tha woh embedded from youtube below.

To watch the full Video Song please visit Youtube.

Did you know Aamir calls himself an idiot infront of media. Well, Is Aamir an Idiot?


  1. kumudini says:

    awesome movie. each bit gives a great message

  2. Vipul Tank says:

    its a great movie in a bollywood histry. such a very good message for a charectar of Ranch & other actors

  3. Lukmaan qureshi says:

    Give me some sunshine is the best wonderful songs thank,s suraj jagan,sharman joshi

  4. Lukmaan qureshi says:

    Aamir is the best

  5. Wenna says:

    Very nice movie! So cool! Wish you have a friend like Rancho.

  6. Pinki says:

    Excellent and forever song Give me some sunshine which shows the burden put on childrens and views

  7. Pinki says:

    Give me some sunshine is the most wonderful song among those which reveals the dreadful life of younger children.

  8. Furheen says:

    i haven’t seen 3 idiots yet but i am sure that when i will watch that movie i will like that. I think that this movie is one of the greatest movies of amir khan like tare zameen par and ghajini.

  9. Piyush says:

    it was awesome movie but theme was not good

  10. Aishu says:

    3 idiots enjoyable movie

    aamir’s intro superb

    zoobi choreography mindblowing

  11. charitha says:

    3 idots was so enjoyfull and all is well song was surberb

  12. award says:

    this is a good movie. its make everybody want to be Rancho.

  13. Chrome Towel Radiator says:

    i love to watch movies that made it to the box office, they are usually great movies with good story “`;

  14. \RAGHVENDRA says:


  15. Savitha says:

    Great movie. Worth Watching

  16. masrur alam says:

    From the begining i like Aamir khan.Before releasing of any film whole world know that his film will make super hit in the BOX OFFICE.

  17. arnab says:

    I think that the film will be big hit

  18. ridhi says:

    Aamir is my favourite actor and it seems that this movie will hit the box office!

  19. ridhi says:

    it’s too cool!

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