Dhoom 3 Trailer

Dhoom 3 First Look
For all the fans of Aamir Khan out there, the wait is now over as the first teaser of upcoming Bollywood Movie Dhoom 3 is now released. First two parts of Dhoom Movie series were a big hit and people are expecting same from this. Aamir Khan is accompanied by glamorous Katrina Kaif in the main lead role but there is No John Abrahim or Hrithik Roshan this time. As per me, John suited for the role very well and even Hrithik did a splendid job as the main actor. Aamir Khan is known as perfectionist and hopefully he will be same in this movie. Check out the teaser below:

People’s response to the first trailer is average as there are many dislikes to the video. Some people have commented that Aamir is not suitable for the role but after looking at the video I think is doing the role very well. What do you guys think? Katrina is as always hot and sexy. Uday Chopra and Abhishek Bachan are shown chasing Aamir Khan. The shooting is done mostly outside India. The trailer is full of action and improved version of original Dhoom background music makes it more stunning.

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