SixTeEn Trailer

Sixteen is a story about lost innocence and teenage heartache in urban India.

Sixteen is a story about well-to-do Delhi-based 16 year olds. In this era of internet and technological advancements, in this era of Facebook, Twitter and chat rooms, the teen is exposed to stuff that seemed beyond belief till a few years ago. Do kids of today lose purity and innocence faster these days?

SIXTEEN captures the life of teens as they go through their loves and heartaches, dreams and destruction in their school, home and the outside world.

An age which brings us closer to life and helps distinguish between the right and the wrong, an age which is a beginning to the crucial years of every individual’s life, the teens… Sixteen!!!!

This movie depicts the changes the world has gone through and how rapidly we are evolving.

It is preachy and brings out the point that to make your child a responsible citizen, care should be taken that the child isn’t given too much of freedom and/or is pressurized too much

ALL teenagers and there parents should check this movie out!

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