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Barbara Mori is just one of the many actresses of Latina origin, who are calling Bollywood their new home. This hot and attractive lady is seen starring opposite the epitome of chiseled, toned bodies, Hrithik Roshan, in their latest film Kites. These two amazing actors, look made for each other in the poster of the movie, with every frame oozing chemistry and mutual attraction. Kites is a love story with a twist, and depicts the adventures of Hrithik and Barbara as they fall in love and run away together, despite being from diverse origins. The movie has a lovely romantic charm thanks to its hot lead artists. Kites, the movie to which everyone is looking forward to, still has more then a month to release but the promos, trailers, Kites songs and Wallpapers are adding to the popularity and increasing the excitement. Recently I added the Zindagi Do Pal Ki Song and now some latest cool wallpapers from the film. Look at the handsome Hrithik and hot, sizzling and cute Barbara in these Movie Stills, Wallpapers of Kites. There are more then 20 high quality images in the Kites Gallery.

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  1. kotyalguru says:

    kites is good film but the worst thing is that 70% of the movie inludes spanish language.

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