Sonam Kapoor Unseen Pictures Vulgar and Ugly

ugly sonam

Sonam Kapoor’s new pictures have been leaked and she’s looking very manly, ugly and vulgar. When the actresses are not liked by the audience they start vulgar photo shoots for cheap publicity. Honey, if you start working on your acting skills it would be much better rather than flaunting your assets.

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Sonam Kapoor loves bitching and is a very immature girl. In Koffee with Karan she made fun of actresses and actors, has she even seen her self?
Without make up she looks one of the most ugliest actress in Bollywood, only because she has Bollywood background, she’s able to enter the film line. If she would be a normal girl who wanted to come in movies, nobody would have taken her as she doesn’t knows how to act at all.

She has given contribution in the industry for her super flop movies like Aisha, Saawariya, Players, Mausam, Thank you and will continue to give many more flops in future.
She is fashionable, trendy etc but all this is not only the thing to be an actress material. Coming on cover picture of magazines doesn’t makes you heroine.
So miss Sonam Kapoor, try on your acting skills rather than flaunting your assets as they are not at all great nor you look very sexy. You have good Bollywood back/support so make the most out of it rather doing stupid things.

sonam vulgar

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