Veer Wallpapers

Veer is the dream project of super star Salman Khan, who always wanted to make a period historical drama. Salman’s look, styling and clothes were specially created after much research on the clothes worn by royalty during the Rajput era in Rajasthan state of India. Also, his chiseled muscles and toned body structure are perfectly suited to the role he plays. The movie sees a new female lead in the form of Zarine Khan who plays a beautiful princess, who gets kidnapped by Veer’s men as a hostage during war. Salman plays a powerful and handsome warrior prince “Veer Pratap Singh” of the renowned Pindari tribe, who wants to annex the neighboring kingdom to create a stronghold in the region.


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    Today, most of the materials shown before the feature film is made of previews for future movies and paid advertisements (also referred to as trailers or “The Twenty”).

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