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Kites is upcoming Bollywood movie and most of you are already families with this name. It is one of the most anticipated movies of Bollywood for year 2010. Starring Hrithik Roshan as the main lead and produced by his father Rakesh Roshan,
there are high expectations from this movie. A new face in Bollywood Industry, Barbara Mori will accompany Hrithik in this film. Other co stars include Kangna Ranaut, Kabir Bedi and Anand Tiwari. Directed by Anurag Basu under the popular banner of Film Kraft Production, Kites is releasing on 21st May 2010. Music and songs of Kites are directed by Rajesh Roshan and they are awesome. With fantastic music and one of the best singers like K.K. the music will surely rock everywhere.

Kites Music Album

Album Name- Kites
Music Director- Rajesh Roshan
Lyricist- Nasir Faraz, Asif Ali Beg
No of Songs- 9
Singers- K K, Vishal Dadlani, Rajesh , Suraj Jagan, Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne D’Mello
Label- T Series Music
Format- Audio CD and 320 KBPS MP3

List of Songs

Name of the song and the singer for respective song has been given below.

1. Zindagi Do Pal – KK
2. Dil Kyun Yeh Mera – KK
3. Tum Bhi Ho Wahi – Vishal Dadlani & Suraj Jagan
4. Kites In The Sky – Hrithik Roshan & Suzanne DMello
5. Fire – Rajesh Roshan, Vishal Dadlani & Anushka Manchanda
6. Zindagi Do Pal Ki – Remix – KK
7. Dil Kyun Yeh Mera – Remix – KK
8. Tum Bhi Ho Wahi – Remix – Vishal Dadlani & Suraj Jagan
9. Fire (English Version) – Rajesh Roshan, Vishal Dadlani & Anushka Manchanda

Listen to songs below-

You can also listen to songs for free at

Dil Kyun Yeh Mera is a very nice song from Kites. I didn’t notice it before but when I heard it with video on youtube I have started loving this song. Rajesh Roshan has done a wonderful job with the music and K.K. has sung it beautifully. Now I feel that it is way better then other Kites Songs like Zindagi Do Pal Ki.
See, below the HD Video Song Dil Kyun Yeh Mera from movie Kites starring Hrithik and Barbara and releasing on May 21st.

Watch on Youtube-
Song has been uploaded by some user “KabulHDVideo2010” at Youtube.

Zindagi Do Pal Ki‘ is a very nice song from Movie Kites. The music of the song has been given by Rajesh Roshan and lyrics by Nasir Faraz and Asif Ali Beg. The song has been sung by one of the leading singers of Bollywood,i.e. K.K. The song has high popularity and MP3 version of the song has huge demands. See below the exclusive Video Song Promo of Zindagi Do Pal Ki from Kites Songs where Hrithik and Barbara look very nice together. The video is 1 min 8 sec long and quality is very high (equivalent to HD).

The lyrics of the song-

Zindagi do pal ki, zindagi do pal ki
Intezaar kab tak hum karenge bhala
Tumhe pyaar kab tak na karenge bhala
Zindagi do pal ki…… View Lyrics

Fun News: You would have heard the songs that are on the top of the charts these days. Yes, the Kites songs “Zindagi Do Pal Ki” and “Dil Kyun Yeh Mera” are top on the music charts with Behene De one of the Raavan Songs. The song ‘Kites in the Sky’which i liked a lot is sung by Hrithik the star of Kites and I came to know it yesterday on Zoom TV news from Youtube. Hrithik has really surprised his father by giving his voice for this English song as his father didn’t really expect him to sing. After the wonderful chemistry of Barbara and Hrithik, this song sung by him is another reason for everyone to watch this film.


  1. NARESH SHAH says:

    i love he song of zindagi do pal ki & also the dance of hritik


    hrithik is a best dancer ! you know that funny shahid kapoor such a flop ! he is a poor man like donkey

  3. ajaz says:

    its too good dance i just love it

  4. JITHIN SUNNY says:

    It is very good filim. It has wonderful songs too.

  5. mona says:

    hrithik, kites songs are excellent, especially zindagi do pal, and dil kyun yeh mera. Keep it up – a very romantic movie

  6. vbh says: u kno that song where hrithik roshan dances to at the beginning of the movie???…it goes like this “love you L love you O love you V love you E”????….plzz plz tell me if u kno:))..thnkyou

  7. race says:

    I personally like to the song Zindagi Do Pal Ki from Kites, its amazing song and I listened to it more then 10 times in one day.

  8. sachin says:

    hi dugu… u r the only superstar super hero of bollywood & hollywood suits u rather than bollywood .. i like all ur movies & specially i like ur dance which is outstanding

  9. Rhitwika says:

    the movie is awsome.Also the songs are very good.I want to meet hritik.I want hritik to meet me

  10. bhagya says:

    its so loveyl song
    i miss my bf so much

  11. ujjwal says:

    you are gonna be in top

  12. admin says:

    Don’t know that but I think you will get Kites in Hindi but with English subtitles.

  13. nikki says:

    love you hrithik, i want to see u rock this movie, just a few days to go before it releases, i can’t wait to see kites

  14. Micheal says:

    Will kites release in English dubbing. I like Barbara and I want to see this film for her?

  15. Tarun says:

    Simply the best. Kites will be awesome movie and songs also speak that!!

  16. vijay says:

    Hrithik is James Bond for India!

  17. manju says:

    I think it will be a good movie.

  18. ramya says:

    rocking songs

  19. khalid khan says:

    zindagi song is best… Barbara u are beautiful…

  20. yogesh says:

    i want download the song Zindagi do pal ki

  21. archana says:

    in kites songs arw amazing & fabulous I like mostly zindagi do pal ki song. It is very nice …

  22. shatakshi says:

    Kites songs are so touching!

  23. Gulshan says:

    i like all songs of kites, because i am waiting of someone.

  24. nikita says:

    i like the song dil kyun ye mera . very very much.

  25. admin says:

    I don’t give the download option because it is not legal but still you can listen to songs..

  26. admin says:

    awesome songs

  27. ravneet says:

    i also want to download video song of Zindagi Do Pal Ki..

  28. ravneet says:

    kites songs are good… i want video songs

  29. Sheena says:

    I like your post admin. I didn’t knew much about Kites Movie but I got all info on it at your site. Thanks.

  30. shikha says:

    zindagi song is best… Barbara u are beautiful…

  31. kites says:

    i have just listened to the songs and they are nice… but how to download them? is what?

  32. divya says:

    how to download kites songs??

  33. divya says:

    i like u Hrithik… I am amazed by your sexy look and amazing acting… I want to meet you… I have seen all your movies… I am waiting for kites

  34. nikhil says:

    i am watching this movie only for barbara and songs!!!!

  35. Hrithik says:

    hi Hrithik Roshan! i am also Hrithik and i like all you movie.. I say Kaho Na Pyaar hai and it is my fav movie of yours…. I am waiting for kites.. I have heard songs of kites like zindai Do Pal song and I like it a lot

  36. Raj says:

    I like all kites songs…. I like Kite in sky song… I like yo barbara… you are nice

  37. Raghav says:

    Nice songs. I like all of them. Zidagi do pal ki is my fav. and Dil Kyun Yeh Mera also. Kites songs are awesome…..

  38. shiva says:

    Amazing songs. Kites songs rocks! and I am loving them. Dil Kyun Yeh Mera by KK is very nice song. the remixes are also great. no one should miss listening them. i want to download all songs.

  39. Raman says:

    I personally like to the song Zindagi Do Pal Ki from Kites, its amazing song and I listened to it more then 10 times in one day.

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