Koi Mil Gaya Songs

Koi… Mil Gaya is a sci-fi movie is actually a well made depiction considering the scenario of Indian movie masala. The film is path-breaking in the outline that Indian viewers would get a chance to watch an Indian movie portraying an alien. The character of Mr. Sanjay Mehra who is a renowned scientist played by (Rakesh Roshan) is extremely preoccupied with developing contacts with outer space aliens. He creates several unique gadgets, tools and ultimately triumphs in creating a special computer that could send out unique messages to extraterrestrial creatures. One fine day, he receives an answer to his signals and a massive spacecraft is sighted. However, before Sanjay could do anything he and his wife Sonia played by (Rekha) meet with a ghastly accident where Sonia survives but Sanjay dies. Sonia gives birth to a mentally challenged boy played by (Hristhik Roshan) who faces derision and anguish everyday in his life. His solitary buddy is Nisha played by (Preity Zinta).

Koi Mil Gaya Songs
The songs of Koi Mil Gaya would definitely appeal to every listener. The lyrics are adequately made and you would unquestionably like the melodious tunes and quotes from the songs. The music has a revitalizing feel and youngsters along with couples will have a great time exploring the harmonious music. You could also download the entire compositions from Songs.PK. At the same time, listeners can have a chance to hear the compositions online on Songs.PK. Portraying a hero as a mentally challenged guy in a Bollywood movie might be a big risk for any producer but Hrithik Roshan plays the role quite admirably.

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